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Artra condo is located in the Singapore district three. One of the most beautiful areas of the Singapore. District three is known for connectivity throughout the Singapore. As Singapore has different residency styles Artra condo are the most suited for the district three.

The place has vast connectivity to different regions and locals are attracted towards the area has it is the center point of different markets around in Singapore. Most of the district three development is under government strict rule. ARTRA showflat will be only one that will have private residence. The government has shown green card towards the launching date of Artra residency.

Artra showflat

Who is building Artra Condo?

Artra residency was placed up for the big by the government. The bid is for ninety-nine-year lease. After that, the company owning the Artra Condo has to pay again for the residency. Tang group of companies won the bid tender by placing highest bid on the market for the condos. Tang group of companies are a very famous company in the Singapore. They run almost every business in the Singapore and are adapting towards the local development. There worth is almost around one billion dollars.

The company started back in 1932. CK Tang was the sole owner of the company at that time. The first company was totally retail business oriented. As new members joined the company they started exploring the new horizons. Now Tang Company is considered as one of the best developing companies of the Singapore.

Where is Artra Showflat location?

Artra showflat is not being located on actual site. This is due to the reason that it will affect the construction progress due to the limitation of empty land next to Redhill MRT station. Instead. Artra showflat is being built next to The Crest, a just completed project developed by Wing Tai Asia. The showroom is visible along Alexandra Road. The nearest project from Artra condo is Alex Residences, which is only 100 meters apart.

Why is Artra condo the perfect place to live?

Art condo is a perfect place to live in due to its geographical location into the center of every need and able place. The residency is blessed by different markets that are almost one mile away. Different high-level schools are also within the radius of five miles for the children. Crescent school is one of those schools that is recognized all around the globe. One of the decorated school of the Singapore. New highways are being built near the Artra showflat. Due to those highways, Artra showflat would be able to connect to almost any part of the Singapore. Different shopping markets are also available in the area. These markets are constructed by the Tang group of companies.

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