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Artra condo is located in the Singapore district three. One of the most beautiful areas of the Singapore. District three is known for connectivity throughout the Singapore. As Singapore has different residency styles Artra condo are the most suited for the district three.

The place has vast connectivity to different regions and locals are attracted towards the area has it is the center point of different markets around in Singapore. Most of the district three development is under government strict rule. ARTRA showflat will be only one that will have private residence. The government has shown green card towards the launching date of Artra residency.

Artra showflat

Who is building Artra Condo?

Artra residency was placed up for the big by the government. The bid is for ninety-nine-year lease. After that, the company owning the Artra Condo has to pay again for the residency. Tang group of companies won the bid tender by placing highest bid on the market for the condos. Tang group of companies are a very famous company in the Singapore. They run almost every business in the Singapore and are adapting towards the local development. There worth is almost around one billion dollars.

The company started back in 1932. CK Tang was the sole owner of the company at that time. The first company was totally retail business oriented. As new members joined the company they started exploring the new horizons. Now Tang Company is considered as one of the best developing companies of the Singapore.

Where is Artra Showflat location?

Artra showflat is not being located on actual site. This is due to the reason that it will affect the construction progress due to the limitation of empty land next to Redhill MRT station. Instead. Artra showflat is being built next to The Crest, a just completed project developed by Wing Tai Asia. The showroom is visible along Alexandra Road. The nearest project from Artra condo is Alex Residences, which is only 100 meters apart.

Why is Artra condo the perfect place to live?

Art condo is a perfect place to live in due to its geographical location into the center of every need and able place. The residency is blessed by different markets that are almost one mile away. Different high-level schools are also within the radius of five miles for the children. Crescent school is one of those schools that is recognized all around the globe. One of the decorated school of the Singapore. New highways are being built near the Artra showflat. Due to those highways, Artra showflat would be able to connect to almost any part of the Singapore. Different shopping markets are also available in the area. These markets are constructed by the Tang group of companies.

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Lake Grande Floor Plan Singapore and Various Unit Types

For our convenience and in order to provide you a clear picture, we have made a visual plan for our project entitled Lake Grande Floor Plan Singapore. This covers up each and every detail of the apartments which we are offering. The plans are really flexible that they will almost fit perfectly to most of the features a customer demand. The unit types offered in Lake Grande Floor Plan Singapore attract many people, especially those who either have a very small family or quite a big one, aiming to live together under one roof.

The floor plan is divided into four parts, but the good thing is that every unit has bedrooms which are able to fit in a queen size bedroom very easily. So, you really do not have to worry about the variations in the units for this particular reason. Let’s discuss all the unit types offered by this marvellous new launch located in Jurong Lake District.

For those who are not aware, Lake Grande is along the same East-West MRT line of Singapore, which is the most vital line in Singapore MRT map. Other project new launches along the same line includes Alex Residences and Artra.

lake Grande floor plan singapore

Lake Grande Floor Plan Singapore Unit Types

One of the plans is consisting of 3 bedrooms. As mentioned above, it will not have any issue of not being able to fit in a queen size bedroom. It does not have any yard, it is mostly suitable for a couple or a small family. Of course, it is relatively cheaper than the other units. People buying such units will surely have FULL access to all the benefits available to people living in or buying larger units.

On the other hand, the unit known as 3-bedroom premium comes with a yard. This is mostly suitable for families with children or for families owning any personal vehicle. This one is a bit expensive as compared to the unit comprising of 3 bedrooms. They layout of the 3-bedroom premium is also quite different. It is more flexible and also seems to be more spacious, making it different from the other one without a yard.

Then we have the 4 bedrooms and 5 bedroom units in Lake Grande Singapore. Both of these units are quite bigger than the other 2 offered. They come with yards and much spacious rooms, making cross ventilation quite easy. Every inch of these units is to be made with the use of modern day patterns with a hint of ancient techniques. Everything will be well coordinated and installed like any other unit.

The difference between the 4-bedroom unit and the 5-bedroom unit is about the size of the kitchen and living room. The 5-bedroom unit has a larger kitchen and living room than the 4 bedroom one. Both of these units have automatic internally installed cooling and heating systems, whereas, the other 2 units have heating and cooling systems installed too but they will need to be handled manually.

All four of these units will have different color schemes and blocks. These are two of the most highlighted or easily figured out differences among all the four units. Last but not the least, as mentioned above, people living in any unit will have access to all the benefits provided by the Lake Grande Floor Plan Singapore.

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What are the Fascinating Facilities Available in Alex Condo?

Living a peaceful life at a luxurious as well as the peaceful place is every one’s dream. Alex Residences are providing an excellent opportunity to fulfill your desire by providing this amazing project. Alex Condo is 40 floors high residential project with the total of 490 units.

The units range from one to three bedrooms. So, what are you waiting for? Just book a condo for your family at this outstanding vicinity. You must be wondering why to have it in the first place. The reason stands that it has many luxurious facilities that will give you enough reason to buy this.

Alex Condo

Fascinating Interior of Alex Condo

The interior is designed by P&T engineers who are the ones that constructed many high-end projects in China as well as Hong Kong. The designs are not only focused on fulfilling the functions of a luxurious condo but also to enhance the style of living just like Lake Grande floor plan in Jurong Lake District.

There is a beautiful feel of nature with clean and modern design making this an out of the ordinary place to live these days. You can have a view of the country because of its present near the city. At night you can have an excellent view of the whole city depending on your apartment’s height.

Sky terraces

There are community sky terraces that will be equipped with amazing facilities. The terraces will be located on the 4thfloor, 14th floor, 24th floor and 40th floor. These levels of height will provide residents with attractive scenes around the place. They will also help to have a look at Sentosa and Orchard road that the key positions of Singapore city.

You can enjoy the scenes of nature, the beauty of country life as well as enjoy the pleasure of seeing beautiful and famous places in one single package.

Infinity-edge pool

After having a hectic day there is nothing more peaceful than swimming at a rooftop pool. Alex condo has inspiring rooftop swimming facility at the 40th floor. This pool provides you both the view of the miraculous skyline at the evening and resort feeling by being at the edge of the city.

This feature will really be helpful in refreshing your wits and get away from the problems of routine in a wonderful manner.

Societies and facilities in Alex Condo

There are many additional clubs and societies present that helps you get away from a closed door house to a peaceful environment. Gymnasium is present on the 2nd floor to help you workout. BBQ points, children pools, and playgrounds are present to engage your children in healthy activities. There are also chess gardens, tea houses and reading courtyards are available to give you a relaxing feel after a chaotic day.

Their fascinating facilities make Alex Condo an attractive place to live in. there are many other amenities that makes it a high potential project. The modern architecture and availability of all the services like entertainment, societies, and eateries make it a comprehensive place for you. Welcome to visit Alex Residences showflat to have a look at other exciting features it has to offer. In addition, Artra showflat is also opening soon, which will definitely stir up the interest in District 3 once again.

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Learn how you can double or even triple your income within one year. Imagine a lifestyle with no financial worries and having all the time to spend with your loved ones.

Imagine the Financial Possibilities with a Real Estate Agent Job

Are you searching for an alternative job with no financial limits? Perhaps you are simply tired of your demanding boss and wondering if the rumor of how well paid real estate agents is true?

You are not alone, many people have experienced the same thoughts.

Before, you are probably curious about the possibilities of the real estate agent industry. As with anything new, there are always so many questions:

Have you been pondering over these questions:

  • What training will I receive to sell properties successfully?
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The real estate industry is not known to be easy however with the right support group, you can break your limiting beliefs and mindset to finally achieve your ideal income.

You will overcome your self-doubts with our exclusive training program designed to help you improve immediately and shorten the learning curve tremendously.

With the right mindset, skills and support, you can achieve your ideal income level. Now you too can achieve financial freedom, even if you are a complete newbie in sales.

With Gary Chua Group, you will enjoy:

  • A step by step intensive training program catered according to your skill levels
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  • Insider secrets on how to sell effectively in order to double or triple your income
  • Cohesive and sympathetic team members that provide strong emotional support
  • Exceeding and breaking your financial targets and profiting, by providing exceptional service to customers.
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